Glasses for the construction industry

Grupo CUEX provides a wide variety of glasses for your construction needs. We have highly qualified personnel to advice you on the best solution for your specific needs.

We are specialized in creating glazing solutions that provides excellent lighting and sunlight control, high energy efficiency and the maintenance of a comfortable temperature in interiors of buildings, especially in zones with extreme temperatures, in addition to an excellent noise control and the maximum safety according to your needs.


We can add to our glasses, any treatment the customer need. We distribute:

  1. Tempered glass
  2. Frosted glass
  3. Sheet glass
  4. Anti-reflective glass
  5. Thermal isolation glass
  6. Polarized and colored glass
  7. Privacy glass
  8. Acoustic isolation glass

Let us help you find the solution that suits your needs and give you the best cost – benefit ratio for your project.